Roosebeck Harps are available in various styles and sizes. The different styles of rosewood harp are richly adorned with carvings and inlays. The birch soundboard and backboard compliment the natural hues of the rosewood. Our soundboards carry a five-year warranty and there is a one-year warranty on the frames. Each Harp is shipped with a tuning tool and one replacement set of strings.

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Balladeer HarpBalladeer Harp22 Strings, 22 Levers
30" tall
Lily HarpLily Harp8 Strings, No Levers
15" tall
Baby HarpBaby Harp12 Strings, No Levers
21" tall
Pixie HarpPixie Harp19 Strings, 19 Levers
31" tall
Heather HarpHeather Harp22 Strings, 22 Levers
36" tall
Minstrel HarpMinstrel Harp29 Strings, 24 Levers
38" tall
Meghan HarpMeghan Harp36 Strings, 31 Levers
51" tall
Woodlands HarpWoodlands Harp26 Strings, 26 Levers
35.5" tall
Parisian HarpParisian Harp22 Strings, 22 Levers
36.5" tall
Caitlin HarpCaitlin Harp38 Strings, No Levers
35" tall
Alyssa HarpAlyssa Harp34 Strings, 31 Levers
50" tall
Ashley HarpAshley Harp31 Strings, 31 Levers
44" tall
Christel HarpChristel Harp38 Strings, 38 Levers
52" tall
Fiona HarpFiona Harp19 Strings, 19 Levers
32" tall
Hailey HarpHailey Harp22 Strings, 22 Levers
36.5" tall
Rosa HarpRosa Harp24 Strings, 24 Levers
32" tall
Gothic HarpGothic Harp29 Strings, No Levers
40" tall
Lute HarpLute Harp22 Strings, No Levers
27" tall